Friday, March 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

Hello all.  Today, I have no real topic of focus.  I have covered a lot of my concerns in my previous posts.  However, I'm sure if I missed anything, I'll rant about it at a later date.  Today I just have a few scattered comments. 

The big news is the Health Care Bill vote.  It's about time we see it one way or the other and move on.  Then, there's March Madness.  I've never followed college basketball, but I have at least one game I want to watch.  That's University of Vermont against University of Syracuse.  This is because of a a couple reasons.  One, UVM is the local team and it rarely plays in the tournament.  Next, One of my closest friends graduated from the University of Syracuse, in Utica, so there's loose connection there.  Then, there's the part where there are 2 brothers, who grew up in Canada, playing against each other in that game.  I just find that thought entertaining and just want to see it.

On the geek front, I just got my new computer, so now I can finally play Batman Arkham Asylum.  I've seen the graphics and reviews, but have yet to experience it.  This will be fun.  Also, Ironman 2 comes out in acouple of months.  That will be a fun watch.  Plus, who can beat a sexy redheaded Scarlett Johanson in tight, black leather.  That Ryan Reynolds is one lucky S.O.B.  Speaking of" Mr. Johanson", I can't wait for his next 2 movies.  He'll have Green Lantern come out next year, and I'm a big GL fan.  Then, he's signed to star in a Deadpool movie.  He was good as Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool) in X-Men Origins Wolverine, but I'm sure he'll thrive as the wisecracking assassin, Deadpool.  As a fan of both comedy and action films, Deadpool will probably completely tweak my brain.  It'll be great.

Well, those are my current random thoughts.  Catch you all later.

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