Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time to Reintroduce Natural Selection

Hello all,

I know it's been a few days since my last post, but I've been visiting with people and hearing their stories. So now, I've got to wonder how much of the crazy, sick, and outrageous actions of some people we have to tolerate before we say enough is enough. This is why, for years I have supported the reintroduction of natural selection back into existence. For those of you that have been living under a rock, or are just stubborn closed minded religious freaks that can't accept simple logic, natural selection states "Survival of the fittest". Or as George Carlin eloquently put it,"The kid that swallows the most marbles doesn't grow up to have children of his own." I know we all have stories we've heard of people that should be sterilized so we can raise the bar of society's accomplishments. However there are a few, how should I put this?, less than stellar people that strive to make amoeba look more worthy of life than we do. Now, I know a few of you are thinking I'm a radical fanatic wanting to see a few of our "less than capable" citizens disappear, but I assure you I'm not being completely monstrous. Just to clarify my position, I'm not attacking diagnosed special needs people or the disabled. They have had difficulties through no fault of their own, and many have strived and achieved more than anyone ever thought they were capable of. I admire and have the utmost respect for these people for their strength of will, drive, and determination. The one's that I'm condemning are the ones that try to pass themselves off as average or exceptional people, but blatantly show that they never evolved beyond the neanderthal stage.

To show what I'm describing, I've got examples from the relatively harmless stupid all the way to "Are you F---ing kidding me?!!" This goes back to the people I spoke with recently, as well as things I've read in the local and national news. Some of this will be common knowledge, others will, most likely, surprise you.

The first example is of a local seemingly happy couple that are not married, but do live together. They have no real complaints. They're not well to do, but get by. They're raising her 5 year old son to the best of their ability. Life is ok. But then, stupidity rears it's ugly head. One night after work, he calls her and tells her he's going out with the guys. She's fine with that,as it gives her a night to herself as well. As he was out, he got stupid drunk, and without any thought or consideration, picked up a girl at the bar. Now some of you would probably rate this more as thoughtless than stupid, however the rest of the story will tell you how it can be both. He planned on "hooking up" with this girl and they went back to HIS place. He however, forgot or didn't care that his girlfriend was home, in bed, at the time. To put this lightly, I would call this moment completely awkward. As I said, stupid.

Another example, is of a man that I read about in our local newspaper, just this morning. He was a firefighter in one of our northern towns. However, as the town is small, the firemen don't see a lot of action. So, he decided that he would set a fire, so the department would be called to fight it, and the state of Vermont would pay him for it. He set the home of a local woman ablaze. He chose this house because the owner was selling it to someone he didn't like. Then, he forced his wife to provide him with an alibi. He, himself, however, created the fatal flaws with his plan. First, he bragged about his plan to some of his friends, and word got back to the home buyer. So the buyer was able to provide the authorities with a suspect. Then, like the caveman he is, he beats up his wife and leaves her lying on a local road. When the authorities find her and get her medical attention, she recants the alibi. So now, this (I would normally say chimp, but I don't want to insult the intelligence of chimps) useless waste of flesh is finally getting what he deserves. He is currently awaiting trial.

Now, lets take it up a notch, and go to the national level. As they are national stories, I'll just list the barest descriptions:

1) Gov. Mark Sanford's "hike". Not the part that he cheated on his wife, but the part that a state governor, their administrative leader, went AWOL for a week without telling anyone on his staff.

2) Pres. Bill Clinton and asking the definition of the word "is".

3) Sarah Palin on a couple of things. Here's the sublist:

a) Thinking she knows about foreign policy because she can see Russia from her house.

b) Giving the White House Chief of Staff grief over his use of the word "retard", when she has no problem with Rush Limbaugh using it because he uses it as satire. Yet, when Stephen Colbert uses it as satire, she's offended again. Man, I wish this hypocritical broad would make up her mind. However, I should accept her position waffling, as she is, or was, a politician.

3) Let us not forget religious fundamentalists (Christian and Muslim alike, as they are the most blatant offenders) that think violence and terror is an acceptable way to force people to believe in what the fundamentalists believe. While Faith, in and of itself, is all about tolerance and peace, these nimrods say believe in OUR faith, or we'll kill you. That should definitely bring home the Nobel Peace Prize.

Now, I could go on and on, but ultimately all I'm saying is, that if we stopped trying to save and protect these people, and their rights, and use some common sense, maybe we all could get along and be able to solve society's issues. It's a good dream, but I know it won't happen in my lifetime. Not if we keep making these people our leaders and role-models. As such, our intelligence quotient will slip a few more points and our brutality will show no justice. This makes me sad.

Let me know what you think. Until next we meet faithful readers.

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