Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jon Stewart is My New Hero

Hello all.  I just watched a rerun of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart that just blew me away.  Even though it was a rerun, I had never seen it, and I must say it was mind blowing.  The entire first half of the episode was a parody impersonation of Glen Beck.  It was hysterical.  Stewart completely hacked on the fear mongering hate speech that Beck espouses.  If anyone deserve mocking, it most certainly is Glen Beck.  This guy is a total maroon who spews at the top of his lungs that anyone that ISN'T a conservative is associated with the Anti-Christ. 

How Beck got on TV to begin with should be beyond me, but the fact that it isn't is the real problem.  When Network executives look for ratings anyway they can (ie reality shows), news networks are beginning to have to polarize and inflame.  Mores the pity when the objective journalism of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite has seen it's end a long time ago. 

However, we have salvation from the Bully of the bully pulpit from both the far left (ie Ed Schultz from MSNBC) and the far right (ie Glen Beck of Fox News) from the most unlikely of sources, that of the comedy industry.  The fact that most average Americans get their news from shows by Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Mahr is an interesting statistic.  However anyone else interprets the statistical numbers of this phenomena, I interpret it as Americans are sick of the fear mongering hate speech and rhetoric from both sides of the argument and these shows expose the absurd levels both sides take these arguments.  These comedians take the public displays from these hypocrites and slap them down with their own hypocrisy.  AND, this is the part that will get me every time, they show it in a hysterical way that makes these morons look like the fools they are.

When Jon Stewart pokes at the ridiculous stories, like the Eric Massa fondling fiasco, and Stephen Colbert sarcastically let's Sarah Palin she has gone too far with her being offended over non-politically correct speech, and Bill Mahr puts a panel of people with various viewpoints on to humorously debate the current political issues of our country, it shows me a sad fact of life.  The only people that are willing and able to tell us all the truth about our politics are comedians, because we know damned well that the people involved are too self invested to do it themselves (including the journalists and "journalistic" political commentators like Schultz, Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Keith Olbermann, etc.).  It's a good thing we have real patriots likes these comedians, otherwise we'd all be misinformed zombie sheep bowing to the hypocritical and sometimes completely insane rhetoric from those who are in power and their puppets.

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  1. Hey - you know how native New Englanders get a little bent when people say stupid things like "New England is the same as the 13 colonies, right?" or "New York and New Jersey must be part of New England, because they have the word 'New' in them..."? ON those lines, please don't say you lived in the "Midwest" to anyone who grew up where I live now, okay? They live in the "West", and will gut you like a trout for getting it wrong.