Friday, March 12, 2010

Top Sports Stories

Hello all. I don't have a whole lot to talk about today, however, I would like to talk about the top two sports news stories. Those are Tiger Woods' return to the PGA and the death of former Rams defensive lineman Merlin Olsen.

First, to Tiger Woods. I'm glad everyone is talking more about his return to his profession than his personal life. I am of the mind that the only people that should care about what Tiger was doing with other women are Tiger, his wife, their family, and the women involved. Past that, WHO CARES?!! All the media attention on his personal life is stupid, and only proves how invasive and voyeuristic our society has become. However, now the story is about what it should be about, his golf performance. It's not about what's going on in his personal life, but how it affects his game. That's all anyone should need care about. Now, I know some of you are saying that you don't even care about golf. That's fine. I'm not a fan of the PGA either. However, as a sports fan, and a fan of anything in general, I think professional performance should always be the focus on anybody that has a public job (ie politicians, actors, movie stars, musicians, artists, athletes, etc.). Therefore, bravo to those that ONLY cover Tiger Woods' return to golf and how his situation will affect his PERFORMANCE. The way sports should be covered.

Now, onto something sadder. The world lost a very well liked and well respected person yesterday. I'm, of course, speaking of Merlin Olsen. As a football fanatic, I am a fan of all those who excel, and have ever excelled at the game. As a member of the Rams Fearsome Foursome defense in the late 1960's, he was one of the greats. He still, to this day holds some of the leagues most impressive records. However, it was his personality that, to me, spoke volumes. I'm too young to have ever watched him play. I first saw him on TV as an actor and pitchman. He always seemed polite, humble, caring, and warm to all he encountered. A Humanitarian first and foremost. Now this might seem odd for someone that made his name "killing guys with the ball", but I have found in my years as a football fan, that many of the most fearsome players in the game have the most generous souls (ie Reggie White). This was confirmed to me yesterday by all the statements of those who knew him. Therefore, we as a society have suffered a great loss in the world, and if we had more people like Merlin Olsen, this would be a much better place.

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